Deadline for submission was September 15th 2003.

Participants were able to enter following categories:
2D, 3D and vector static images
interactive art

From the works that have been sent to Pixxelpoint 2003 were selected:

Static images
Bogdan Soban - Las Vegas
Bogdan Soban - Los Angeles
Bogdan Soban - New York
Bogdan Soban - San Gimignano
Stell Roberto - Ab Ovo
Stell Roberto - Sistemska napaka, jezik
Stell Roberto - Urbana 1
Stell Roberto - Verizni diagram urbanih situacij
Paolo Tonon - 1
Paolo Tonon - 2
Paolo Tonon - 3
Paolo Tonon - 4

Hervig Hoffmann - NTV Newsfake
Vesna Krebs - TV - True Vision
Paul Ritt - Flow
Ben Strunin - Magnetic Strip

Interactive art
Narvika Bovcon, Ales Vaupotic - Video Space
Aleksandra Globokar - ASCII Tecture
Jessica Loseby - Views From the Ground Floor
Jody Zellen - Disembodied Voices

Mark Kammerbauer - Schismotexture 01
Mark Kammerbauer - Schismotexture 02
Wojciech Kosma - Architecture 1
Balazs Kovacz - Three Channel Plus One Matrix
Gintas Kraptavicius - Titled #9 dub
Gintas Kraptavicius - Titled #14
Marcello Mercado - Das Kapital
Lee Welch - Audio 330 (Audiomation)


At Pixxelpoint 2003 we want to build digital spaces and lives within them. PixelCity is intended as a selection of prints, projections, animations, instalations of interactive and responsive systems, sounds etc., which are made of or for digital architecture.We wish to build cities of digital material with digital (avatars) or even human inhabitants which would be accessible on the Internet not only as a collection of archival paintings but also as an experimentation of the possibilities offered by the digital material today and those that – given the speed of computer capacities development – are anticipated for the future.

The projects will not be evaluated between ganres but rather within each genre and software framework separately. Yet each entry will have to meet the basic quality of technical relevance and visual creativity.

In assessing the works presented the following criteria will be applied:

According to the artistic quality:
-connection of the aesthetics to the topic represented,
-usage of adopted software,
-graphic creativity,
-high quality and originality of end-product.

According to interaction and responsiveness:
-effect in the real world,
-role of the user,
-responsibility implied by the interaction,
-artisic quality of the presentation or installation.

According to the dynamics:
-concept’s inventiveness,
-poetics of animation,
-originality of usage of the adopted software.

According to the sound quality:
-spatial dimension of the sound (soundscape),
-graphic basis,
-technical and contents inventions,

According to its futuristic aspect:
-connection to actually anticipated opportunities,
-inventiveness of the anticipation of a futuristic project,
-structuring of a futuristic project.

According to practical applications:
-artistic originality,
-authenticity of the representation,
-dynamics of representation and animation,
-complexity of the project presented.

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