Pixxelpoint 2003 - The Pixel City, Fourth Edition

Unlike in previous years when the festival was restricted to the call for application and the jury assessment, this yearís event will be multilayered and intermedia as far as structure is concerned.

Besides the usual international call for application, the organizers and selectors will invite some artists whose work is representative for the festivalís topic.

moments from Pixxelpoint 2002 (photos: Bojan Dobrečevič)

The festival will include a symposium on the given topic, intended to provide the participants and the general public with an insight into the accompanying discourses and theories of computer graphics and urbanization of the cyberspace. The symposium, which will take place from Friday to Sunday, will give us the opportunity to extend our knowledge on the specific aspects of digital spaces since no discourse has been developed on this topic yet.

Some of the most interesting lecturers will be asked to run workshops on various topics. The workshops will take place during the day in the exhibition room, while at night concerts will be organized. The musicians performing create music that is based on the visualization of pixel cities or which sound quality is founded on graphic hardware.

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