17.30 Pre-opening of the exhibition INTELLIGENT OBSERVER / Hic svnt dracones
Agorè Gallery, Gorica (I)

18.45 Postcard walk, a walk with the AMRO artists (Art Meets Radical Openness)
From the Agorè Gallery, Gorica (I) to the Nova Gorica City Gallery

19.15 Martin Bricelj Baraga: Sun Calendar, project viewing
By the Kostanjevica Franciscan Monastery, Nova Gorica

20.00 Unveiling of the exhibition INTELLIGENT OBSERVER and official opening ceremony of the Pixxelpoint 2018 festival
Nova Gorica City Gallery

23.00 Pixxelpoint ~ Cosmic Sex: Festival Overture w/ RSN, Jaša Bužinel, Blažen DJ


12.00—19.00 Wandering Goricas; mapping Gorica/Nova Gorica, workshop
Mentor: pETER Purg
A multi-day workshop begins with an instormans at the festival opening ceremony, where the micro-location will be instantly photo-mapped, published and liked. The following day, an intense outdoor workshop will be organized, which will take the participants on a walk through the urban landscape of Gorica and Nova Gorica.
(Please bring along clothing suitable for the weather conditions and a whole lot of walking!)
Nova Gorica City Gallery

14.00—15.30 A poetic street walk, workshop
Mentor: Hanna Priemetzhofer
Participants of this English-language workshop, participants will attempt to map the city through reading and writing.
Agorè Gallery, Gorica (I)

15.30—18.30, workshop
Mentor: Davide Bevilacqua
Participants will experience various ways how to use metadata of digital images to determine the physical location of the web server. Please bring a laptop! The workshop will take place in Italian and English languages. Delavnica bo v italijanskem in angleškem jeziku.
Agorè Gallery, Gorica (I)


10.00—12.00 Openlab z AMRO umetniki (Art Meets Radical Openmess), discussion, presentation of artists and the exhibition, and an artistic intervention
Agorè Gallery, Gorica (I)

14.00—18.00 “Be Like Jimmy!”, workshop
Mentorja: Stefan Doepner in Borut Savski of Cirkulacija 2
A workshop for building simple, single-string guitars, culminating in a concert played by the participants. No age restrictions for 15 participants
Fort Kromberk

19.00 Group performance, presentation of the results of “Be Like Jimmy!” workshop
Fort Kromberk


17.30 Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman: Presentation of the projects 2.Walk and CANS and an invitation to an audio performance
CANS are multisensory headphones, which the authors developed based on the requirements and the development of their environmental, walking performances. The ambition of these headphones is to allow one to listen to real ambient sounds, mixed with pre-recorded sounds.
Nova Gorica City Gallery

19.00 Luca Giuliani: I Observe, Therefore I Am, lecture
What does it mean to observe today? What is the relationship between images and reality? And the viewer has become the observer? What is the relationship between modern man’s digital and virtual impulses, or, as we are referred to by anthropologists and linguists, the “homo videns”?
Agorè Gallery, Gorica (I)


16.00 Irena Pivka, Brane Zorman: 2.Walk, in-situ multimedia performance
2.WALK is is designed as a sound walk, which the spectator takes on a pre-delineated path and follows it by means of a mobile app and headphones. With the help of sound images, imprinted into the location of the delineated path, she or he traverses between fictive and real situations. The performance intertwines narration and sound with the space, with the path.
(Please bring along clothing suitable for the weather conditions and a whole lot of walking!)
Nova Gorica City Gallery

19.00 Short animated film from the Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2017 collection
Small exhibition room of the Nova Gorica Cultural Center


13.00 Janez Dovč: Tesla, a musical theater show – closed appearance for schools

20.00 Janez Dovč: Tesla, a musical theater show
The central character of the brilliant and revolutionary musical theater spectacle is Nikola Tesla, to whom many refer as the “man who invented the 20th century”. Tesla appears not only as a scientist and inventor, but also as a sensitive, multi-faceted artist, a kind of modern Leonardo da Vinci, whose creative methods were often reminiscent of Mozart’s ways of making music.
Entry fee: 8 €
Small exhibition room of the Nova Gorica Cultural Center


17.30 BridA, closing guided tour of the INTELLIGENT OBSERVER exhibit
Nova Gorica City Gallery

Inteligentni opazovalec

“I like to think the moon is there even if I am not looking at it.” Albert Einstein

This was Einstein’s response to Niels Bohr’s assertion that nothing happens until someone observes it. Almost a century has passed since the quantum revolution, and the question if reality truly does depend on the observer still remains unanswered.

Would it be possible today to actualize the relationship between the observer and reality in the domain of art, claiming that something which had a very low likelihood of becoming art becomes that simply through the act of observing - or is something else required? Something like conscience, intelligence, desire? The answer remains uncertain, just as it is in the example of the Moon in the sky, but we feel that in the world of art, the observer effect is certainly the key generator of everything, whether an artistic event, an exhibition, a festival, or art itself. The observer is also someone who gives the artworks ultimate meaning, one might even say that, from among countless possibilities, the observer chooses their own unique perception, one which cannot be calculated or substituted by any device or algorithm.

With technological advances like artificial intelligence, constantly blurring the lines between humanity and machines, we can now legitimately wonder; who is it that takes the role of the observer - a human or a machine? For a number of years, we as artists have been wondering about the role which the artist, the audience, and now technology plays in the process of art production. We wonder about things like who takes the role of observing everything, and who is the subject of observation at a given point in time - and why. We also wonder why some things and contents are overlooked, invisible or perhaps even intentionally concealed. All this simply to get to know and to plan art, which all of these things demand.

For this year’s edition of the festival, artists and their projects explore the role of the observer in various ways, for example by intentionally removing themselves from the creative process and giving the observer the role of the creator. In their works, they cleverly build systems which question the immense technological advancement. Within the real and virtual worlds, they look for hidden traps, and challenge us to make use of them in innovative and creative ways - for example, building DIY devices which allow us to see or hear that which is hidden from our range of perception. The contributing artists build their projects at the intersection where the real and virtual worlds overlap, they expand their creative endeavors into data ecosystems, without disconnecting from their senses and physical bodies. They critically develop projects in urban environments, and they are not satisfied with what modern technology offers them with its smart applications. Instead, they seek to upgrade them, to discover and reveal the physical sources of information transmitted to us online as packaged realities - in short, they do their best to bring out the Intelligent Observer within us all.

The artists open us up to new perspectives and dimensions, constructing alternative models of thought, and bringing out our hidden potentials. As an escape from the anxiety, which emerges as one of the inevitable side effects of progress, their art encourages us again and again to redefine the notion of intelligence.

BridA/Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica,

alumni of the Venice Academy of Fine Arts, formed their collective during their studies in 1996. The group, whose creative production spans a broad field of contemporary visual artistic practices, exhibits both at home and abroad, and is also involved in numerous artist residence programs abroad, as well as in various workshops and seminars. The works of BridA Group were purchased for a number of international contemporary art collections. In 2015, the group received the France Bevk award, the highest honor of the Nova Gorica City Municipaliy for its artistic achievements, and in 2018 the group received the prestigious international award, Tesla.

Contributing artists:

Kulturni dom Nova Gorica, Bevkov trg 4, 5000 Nova Gorica

Project manager: Pavla Jarc
Tel.: 05 33 540 11

Project coordinator: Mateja Poljšak Furlan
Tel.: 05 33 540 15

Technical director: Tadej Hrovat
Photographer: Matej Vidmar



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