In 1995, it was my dream to become a well-known computer artist, showing my work in exhibitions around the world. For many years I traveled around Europe with sleeping-bag and laptop, doing art projects in many different places, but somehow the success, the break-through, never happened.
In 2005, I had enough of creating internet related art. It was the time of Blogger, Facebook and YouTube. My answer to the Web 2.0 was an unusual response: I started creating wallets from empty milk cartons. Since I was still a computer artist I made a video of my recycled wallet. It became my biggest success on the Internet.
In 2015 I am still creating wallets from empty milk cartons. Over the years I have collected many different packages. One of my favorite designs is the pixelated Alpsko Mleko carton. Unfortunately, the one-liter carton has a square design now, which is much harder to make a wallet from. Only the small carton is still the same, symbolizing my career as an internet artist here at Pixxelpoint.
Cym (Simone van Groenestijn, 1973), studied 'Interaction Design & Unstable Media' in Amsterdam and is currently finishing a Master’s degree 'Education in Arts' in Rotterdam. She collaborates with international artist groups, such as 42, Aether9 and Acryl. She has started an art center on an old farm in Austria.
In her artistic work, Cym focuses on objects and situations from everyday life. She manages to present everyday life situations in such a way that they start telling us something new. She makes us aware of things we see every day around us, but often don't really notice. Via minimal interventions, such as asking a question, Cym challenges the viewer to look at these things from a different perspective.
Cym has created a fascinating language of images, objects and videos, which she presents in a variety of projects, ranging from media art to education to selling objects on a local street market.
Cym lives and works in Austria and in The Netherlands.