There will be 30 glass sculpture prizes of size 100x100x19mm with engraved writings (see image above).

    Awards will go to 1st, 2nd and 3d place in each category:
    2D static images / jury
    3D static images / jury
    vector static images / jury
    animations / jury

    2D static images / public
    3D static images / public
    vector static images / public
    animations / public

    The jury is:
    Marko Peljhan (Makrolab)
    Jurij Krpan (Kapelica Gallery)
    Bojan Dobrecevic (Atitud)

    Additional awards, given to best artworks chosen by public and the jury are:

    • World Builder software packages
      The most impressive landscape generator that gives you the power to create and animate your own realistic worlds.
      by Animatek (value $999 each)
    • Deep Paint 3D
      Tool that makes your 3D software even more powerful with creating specific textures for 3D and makes your images even more attractive and real.
      by Right Hemisphere (value $795)
    • Realsoft 3D
      The big return with 4th version of a 3D modeling/rendering tool. by Realsoft (value $750)
    • ZBrush
      ZBrush, an artist's dream, is an innovative 2D/3D painting tool offering real-time 3D modeling, lights, materials, texturing and depth-enhanced painting in one powerful environment. Seeing is believing.
      by Pixologic (value $585)
    • Dark Tree Textures 2.0 CD-ROM
      A CD containing procedural textures for the leading 3D programs.
      by Darksim (value $345)
    • 5 memberships to Art Today
      The biggest clipart archive on the Net with almost 1.2 milion of images that you can use on your artworks and designs.
      by Art Today (value $99 each)

    Awards will be distributed this way
    • 1st place 3D Jury - Deep Paint 3D
    • 1st place 2D Jury - World Builder
    • 1st place Vector Jury - Realsoft 3D
    • 1st place Animations Jury - World Builder
    • 2nd place 3D, 2D and Animations Jury - membership to Art Today

    • 1st place 3D Public - Z-Brush
    • 1st place 2D Public - membership to Art Today
    • 1st place Vector Public - membership to Art Today
    • 1st place Animations Public - Dark Tree textures CD ROM

    Please note:

    • image of the awards is rendered and real ones may get a little bit distinguished in minimal details
    • category 2D and 3D animations were joined in a single category, because there was only one artist in 2D animatons category