Computer art festivals - do we really need them? In every moment, we have almost instant and unlimited access to virtual galleries of digital artworks all around the world. And, on the other hand, can computer art be considered real art at all? A few clicks here and there can seemingly turn every computer user into an instant artist.

    Of course that's not the whole truth. Computer art can go everywhere, but can not go out of the computer. As for the artists, it doesn't take much to tell the difference between true inspiration and some cheap tricks our software pets can do.

    That's why computer art festivals, that's why this first edition of Pixxelpoint. To bring the artworks to the real world that can be seen by everyone, also by the ones who don't make the difference between computer and VCR, and - why not: to meet the people behind the screens. After all computer art is still a “human” art, made by real persons who need to come across, mingle the ideas and have some fun together. The point of festival is to give the opportunity to students, artists, enthusiasts and professionals of computergraphics to make themselves know to public and compete among them. We're sure the right ones will show up.

    Of course there will be more than just images and animations on the festival. Check out for the program additions, as well as for the prizes and every other thing you can expect at Pixxelpoint. The site will be updated quite often, so keep in touch and come along!

    Where and when?

    Pixxelpoint will take place Dec. 1, 2 and 3 2000 in City Gallery of Nova Gorica, Slovenia. To make you immagine where Nova Gorica is, there's a map below. Slovenia (not Slovakia or Slavonia) is a small country surrounded by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. The city of Nova Gorica is right next to the border with Italy. Nova Gorica and Gorizia with surroundings together count about 100,000 people. In the radius 50km around Nova Gorica there live about 1,000,000 people.

    The nearest airport is Trieste (Italy) or a bit more distant one in Ljubljana (Slovenia) in case you would like to visit us personally. Hotel information and informations about staying in Nova Gorica will be available in next weeks


    Pixxelpoint 2000 is being organized by Blaz Erzetic Graphic Design and Sector for Culture of Nova Gorica with help of Rock Vibe. Should you need any help or info regarding our festival, please contact us.