HEALLO. Rave in a casino

HEALLO is a free rave party in a casino --- coupled with IoT technology, it creates a space for an embodied experience of oneness in the presence of a faceless ^deus ex machina^ that mixes and mashes music on the spot --- it is a techno live set without a DJ, yet with a multitude of authors ---
HEALLO’s venue is transformed into a sensitive environment \\\\\ with a multi-channel speaker system, wearable technologies, spatial sensors, etc., ///// which translates biodata, movements, and gestures into sound --- through a real time generative system, an organic and ever-changing sound-mind-body-space feedback loop is created ---
HEALLO is a decentralized ritual of collective liberation from unknown forces and fears --- in which one's body dissolves into sound waves which spread in all directions across the space into other people, creatures, and things until --- THERE ARE NO OTHERS

HEALLOoOoOOo------------------֍♠® ♥☻♥♪ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılıl☺☻♫♫♫

everyone in the room must become 'one' --- this means no performers, no audience, no leaders, no egos. |||Douglas Rushkoff - Cyberia|||
HEALLO hands the authority of the art event to the participants --- by creating a playground where all are welcomed and actively included in the creation of content and meanings; differences in #@!!‰\#°|| cease to have a sorting value and new games can be created and played out.
HEALLO is an interdisciplinary automata that explores the space beyond human paradigms --- by approaching science and technology in terms of ritual mysticism, HEALLO brings poetry and magic back into contemporary relationships between the human and more-than-human world ֍♠® ♥☻♥♪ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılıl☺☻♫♫♫