Sandy Schwermer, Get into play

Birds hidden. Bars obvious.

Performance: On a canary cage, Sandy Schwermer evokes a wave of sounds, moving from danger to release. Listeners linger in textures between life and death. Canaries were brought into mines to react when there is gas in the mine, as lifesavers for the workers. The first ones to sense danger. This performance and installation, “Bird Hidden. Bars Obvious.”, plays with absence and presence, equally balanced. 

Berlin multidisciplinary artist Sandy Schwermer focuses on inanimate objects as a source of creation and gets them involved in performative (research) processes that point towards insight and awareness. Sandy started her career in Canada/Montreal as a director of staged concerts, giving research workshops, artistic coaching, compositing, and animating inanimate objects. She works as a professor at hdpk Berlin (Hochschule der populären Künste, Berlin). Her work is characterized by conscious interference with analogue and digital production.