Pneuma Szöv. ft. Pneuma Vizual, KÖME

TV Free Europe

#short presentation and the local launch of our new artwork rocket #talk #sounds of 1989 #live-animation #dance-if-you-want

TV Free Europe is a joint crossmedia art initiative that explores questions of self-censorship and different freedom-craving discourses, offering splendid DIY-pleasures that make the air vibrate. Coming directly from 1989 to create free media.
Together with our bricolage-live animation TV set, we will provide the first insight into our TV plans, reach out for collaborators, and dance to the festival centre to celebrate the evening.
TV Free Europe is a project initiated by KÖME (The Association of Cultural Heritage Managers) and the artistic co-op Pneuma Szöv (Közmű Association, funded by EU Creative Europe). 

Pneuma Szöv.* / Mókusok is an artists co-op working mainly in Budapest since 2008. Their postdramatic performances meld artistic research, social philosophy, and urban studies with various forms of visual art, community and public art, free pedagogy concepts, activism, and low-threshold social therapy.
Pneuma Vizual is an audiovisual project dedicated to sociopolitical issues.
KÖME is an association of cultural heritage experts interested in new ways of heritage interpretation