Round table on "Minifestivals"

Partecipants: Lucia Dubačova (Sensorium, Slovakia), Saša Nemec (Pixelache, Finland), Sanja Popov Leban (Sajeta, Slovenia), Renato Rinaldi (Hybrida space, Italy), Pavla Jarc (Pixxelpoint, Slovenia), a representative of Municipality of Nova Gorica (Slovenia)

The growing multitude of emerging artistic practices has made it difficult to envision a clear path forward for small festivals. There seems to be no end of their proliferation, but also profiling. How to stay fresh while not alienating past audiences – and the original philosophies? How to counteract the seemingly inevitable precarisation, or to avoid it? What role could mini-festivals play in the context of local government? Since they contribute to the enrichment of the local or micro-regional cultural life, should they expect community support?