Mapping interface/-spaces of Art, Science and Technology

Lead mentors:
Robertina Šebjanič, art&science, artivism, hacking
Robert Manchin, CCI foundations and networks
Consultant mentor (MAST Lead): Peter Purg

The aim of the three day workshop (Wednesday - Friday) will be to map the most meaningful (social-Europe relevant) A-S-T practices and methodologies, and relate them to own academic and professional development. The maps will be presented on the last day of the workshop within the Pixxelpoint 2019 festival. Next to their expert mentors, the groups will be consulted by producers, artists, and interdisciplinary creatives, several of them appearing in the MAST symposium taking place two days beforehand (Monday, Tuesday). The maps are to show how connecting people, institutions, locations, consortia, networks, alliances, concepts, methodologies, ideologies, etc., may contribute to meaningful and sustainable innovation within A-S-T practice. The final aim is to produce an online resource with an open invitation to be filled by any interested stakeholders, then filtered and ordered by a team of curators from the MAST project.

The maps will gather at //