Laure Keyrouz

Human Network CHAL Digital Archive Project in Lebanon

The website (CHAL Project) creates a participative network and interactive worksite where artists, writers, experts, and critics can be users and co-collaborators in the creation of a co-reality of the view of Lebanese contemporary art and literature through the digital sharing of open-source materials. It focuses on contemporary Lebanese literature and art after the civil war. The archive is fueled by personal encounters with experts in the field of digital art, as well as with other Lebanese authors. The database contains interviews with a number of prominent digital artists. The question that becomes most prominent in the case of a network such as this CHAL project is this: Does the creation of a shared platform truly create the same sort of human relationships that a physical location would? And to what extent can a shared platform such as this create a new world view of Lebanese art and literature? In what ways will the actions and collaboration of each individual user on this platform actively alter the reality and interpretation of the related works? 

Laure Keyrouz was born on 6 April 1979 in Bcharre, (Lebanon). In 2005 she received a scholarship to pursue a Master’s Degree in Italian Language L2 from the University of Udine. In 2008 she obtained a Diploma in Superior Studies in Art and Painting from the Academy of Arts in Venice. Since then she has founded a blog and magazine for art, poetry and philosophy called “Inchiostro e pietra”, i.e. “Ink and Stone”, and in 2009 she set up an association in collaboration with Katia Baraldi and Andrea Stomeo called “Front of Art”. Her first book,“Ink and Stone”, was published in 2013 in Arabic and translated into English. For the last two years she has been working on a new performance center, ZACC, at Villa Della Zonca, in Arcade (Treviso until 2016). Since 2014 she has been an adjunct professor of Arabic language and translation at the University of Trieste.She is currently in her third year of Ph.D. studies in Literary Studies at the University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia).