Januš Aleš Luznar

ICTUSCORDIS "modulatio"

The project explores the interactions between art and psychology, between physical and mental organisms. Januš Aleš Luznar uses the Biofeedback method as an artistic inspiration, manipulating the arousal, intensity, and tempo of his heart through various mixing techniques and sounds. No looping or sampling is used for the performance. He uses a custom-made interface – an analog circuit preamplifier, with an electronically adapted stethoscope – and manipulates the sound of his heart in real time by means of various mixing techniques and sound processing modules and effects. The sound produced is also interpreted in digital form, wherein the sound spectrum and velocity are split. The digital signal then triggers changes in the visualizations, which result in a series of abstract rhythmical visualizations.

The artist invites the audience into his consecrated space of artistic and spiritual intimacy and urges visitors to be transported by the sounds and visualizations of his heartbeat. The performance aims to awaken an awareness through listening and observation. To find oneself in the heartbeat of the other is to recognize the connection between all that exists. 

Januš Aleš Luznar is a researcher of artistic practices, sound composer, producer, and DJ. Having learned the violin and guitar in primary school, he started experimenting with sound, music, and visual arts in the 1990s. In 2000 he joined Atelje 2050 as one of its first collaborators and was in charge of technical support, the organisation of musical events, exhibitions, and media workshops. In 2003 he was accepted by the Red Bull Music Academy, where he attended a two-week workshop on musical arts. Between 2003 and 2007 he participated in multiple media and art seminars, and in 2004-2008 he mentored workshops for electronic music producers and DJs. In 2008 he left Atelje 2050 and joined the association KUD Center 21 (Hupa Brajdič Produkcija).

In his professional career he has produced artistic projects, organised events, composed music for short films, theatre, fashion shows, fairy tales, and dance shows, and he has also acted.