Helene Thuemmel

Landscape in Gestures

The piece shows individual memories of the landscape recorded in gestures. Hands move up and down, they follow streets and a path, they flow over rivers, they move underground and upwards. The hands draw the gesture back into the landscape, in the moment of memorizing it. There is no script and no retry. The work questions the interface that the landscape provides, and how we can find different ways of understanding it. At the same time, it coins other ways of memorizing, not with pen and paper, not on pictures or video, but with a direct correspondence with how one perceives the landscape: with one’s body and gestures. (Video installation)

Helene Thuemmel studied architecture in Graz, Austria, and Media Arts and Practices/New Media at the School of Arts in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. Since 2010 she has worked as a scenographer for theatre and film productions in Austria and is part of different art collaborations and associations. As an artist, Helene Thuemmel ranges between analogue and digital media. Inspired by science, logistics, and systems, she tries to understand wide connections dealing with the terms of time, distance, space, and borders within the social and political context. Thuemmel has worked and exhibited in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, England and elsewhere.