Heklab Performance

For a few days, Pixxelpoint 2019 will be hosting the Transnational Guerilla Art School GT22, which normally resides at Glavni Trg 22, Maribor. The School will be presenting two of its currently active projects, Heklab and Creative Studio Huxtrl. Workshops, concerts, open A/V jams, lectures, performances, and discussions are on the menu.

Heklab is an ensemble from the open collective of performers and artists who meet at GT22 every Friday night. There they explore and play around the boundaries and intersections between noise, improvisation, community hacking, and song. Homebrew synthesisers, free and open source software (FOSS), hacked instruments, voices, and screens are the favoured tools. 


Rob Canning: composer, programmer
Marko Gutman: sound designer
Matej Sajko: Modrinjak visual artist 
Monika Pocrnjić: art teacher, hacker
Aphra Tesla: intermedia, vocal manipulator
Miha Horvat: field work, archivist
Milan Franz: assistant archivist