Film programme, Pixxelpoint 2019

Selection: Peter Purg

This sequence of four films provides a range of approaches to reality, each singularly meandering between exploring the technological interface and avowing natural sensuality. Employing a variety of video aesthetics, the film masterpieces by two Slovenian and two foreign authors will demonstrate the power of audiovisual storytelling and the force of the conceptual drive, even when confined to a two-dimensional moving image and sound.

Jasna Hribernik: SU.PERSENSO.RY, 2019, 25 min.

Spaces that have exited the urban are an arena for the dream of controlling the mind as it networks into a superorganism, perceiving the failed evolution of society’s reaction to those who are different, resisting the network as it chemically alters what we are – the system of human attention, the quality of our explicitly human minds, the ability to focus in a mental space – preserving utopian projects. They survive in art spaces. Homeostasis.

Ema Kugler: Homo Erectus, 2000, 44 min.

A series of images that come across as endless, divine with the accompanying music, sucking us into an abyss from which there is no return. The images lead us to the edge of our being, enveloping us into the darkness of the unconscious, into inevitable oblivion. There are no words or speech in the film, only music and images, and yet the story is clear. The images are silent witness to man’s embeddedness in the world of automation – bureaucracy and authority – the gods and rulers who lead to senseless war, killing, and death.

Kristina Steinbock: The Space Before Sleep, 2018, 16 min.

Representations of blindness tend to focus on a marginalized disabled body with a defect, which is rarely viewed from a sensory bodily experience. The film deals with blindness through three themes significant to the protagonist’s life: religion, sexuality, and motherhood.

Emma Davie, Peter Mettler: Becoming Animal, 2018, 78 min.

The trio of performers weave a thick film fabric, an intertwining of the dense and opulent sound line, the visual stratum, which is at times daring and amazing and at other times intimate and hypnotic, and the penetrating and all-encompassing idea of addressing the spectators and inviting them to a filmic experience that wants to be sensual as well as intellectual, but most of all to derail the spectators’ customary view – both metaphorically and literally.

A 6-minute cut out from the film (selected by curator and agreed with author) will be presented as a video loop in the Nova Gorica City Gallery.