Bastl Instruments

Innovative Instruments

Bastl Instruments (Est. 2013) is a company whose main focus is the development and production of electronic musical instruments – from portable sound boxes, studio instruments, and utilities to full-featured modular synthesizer systems. They do all sorts of community projects, such as organizing music-related events, coffee roasting, creating record labels, producing educational content, workshops, or even clothing. They are based in Brno, Czech Republic. 

In 2011, bandmates and artists Václav Peloušek and Ondřej Merta started a project called Standuino as a tribute to the D.I.Y.ers (Bastlíři) of the former Czechoslovakia, in particular Standa Filip. Through workshops and various art exhibitions, several instruments were developed, such as microGranny 1.0 and fraAngelico. In 2013 we transformed into Bastl Instruments to become a company dedicated to building musical instruments and the Trinity line of instruments was introduced. A year later our first hit instrument, microGranny 2.0, was announced and we became involved with local musicians who helped us produce them. Thanks to this ecosystem of creative individuals, we transformed into a community of sorts that pursues multiple music-related and unrelated projects. In 2015 we opened the synth store and launched a product line of unique wooden Eurorack modules. The following year we joined forces with Casper Electronics and gave life to bitRanger and softPop, and opened a synth store in Brooklyn called Detective Squad. The Thyme was finished in 2018, after 3 and a half years of development, and there are many more exciting things to come!