Andrej Kobal

GranuRise | Interactive gestural interface

The talk will be based on the interactive gestural concepts used in the GranuRise project, which was developed in Max MSP.
In recent years we have witnessed a significant change in hardware interaction in terms of gestural control of sound. However, in the software domain, especially regarding desktop apps, it feels like there is still a lot to explore in terms of musical gestural interaction.
Historically speaking, the main object of musical language interpretation is defined by the gesture of the musical protagonist, e.g. a conductor, violin player, or any other interpreter. One of the key concepts regarding the control and interactivity of the GranuRise project is the use of gestures. These gestures are manifested in different sections of the interface and can be used in conjunction with other controls for different sound engines.
The talk is based on gestural concepts with the addition of some other related topics and concepts, such as:
► how to perceive and develop a virtual instrument that acts less like software and more like a musical instrument;
► as we know, almost all of electronic music is developed in a grid-based system, so an interesting approach presented in the GranuRise project is how to interact in a more natural non-grid-based manner using gesture implementation;
► an additional concept is how to use gesture implementation for unique sound design without the use of complex matrices and LFO schematics.

Andrej Kobal is a Slovenian composer, sound designer, and Max MSP programmer who is regularly involved in various important sound art installations, custom-built multimedia sound solutions, and unique live performances in Slovenia and Europe. He is active in various fields of contemporary music as an author of compositions, as a sound designer, and as a composer for soundtracks and theatrical works, he also works as a Max programmer for sound art installations and events and makes custom-built software solutions for software and hardware musical instruments and other interactive devices. As an advanced Max user, Andrej is constantly creating his own virtual instruments, which ensure that his sound design and composition are unique and innovative. With this knowledge and experience, he has created a virtual instrument called GranuRise, which includes an interesting approach to sampling, granular, spectral, and other types of sound synthesis. The GranuRise project has been well received around the world.