It appears that contemporary objects have come under fire from the internet. It also appears that the internet is no more.
I have decided to make a post internet object, whose appearance itself does not invite the observer to do anything at all, but in the presence of internet technology, perhaps...
This post internet object can outlive the termination of live internet, but requires access with a mobile device.
This text will not diminish the value of the object, and will in no way eliminate the need for the observer to share the physical space with it.
It should be encountered live.
Active in politics, literature and art, Ćosić has exhibited, published, and been active since 1994. He is well known for his challenging, ground-breaking work as a pioneer in the field of net.art. One of the pioneers of net.art, Ćosić became interested in ASCII code during a long period of research (1996–2001) on low-tech aesthetics, the economy, ecology and archaeology of the media, on the intersections between text and computer code, on the use of spaces in information, its fluid nature and infinite convertibility. Out of this came History of Art for the Blind, ASCII Unreal (an art game), ASCII Camera, ASCII Architecture and ASCII History of Moving Images. He is a co-founder of Nettime, Syndicate, 7-11, and Ljubljana Digital Media Lab. The most notable venues, among many others, include Videotage, Hong Kong; Media Artlab, Tel Aviv; Venice Biennial; MIT Medialab; Walker Center, Minneapolis; Postmasters, NYC; Kunsthalle, Vienna; LAMoCA, Los Angeles; ICA, London and Beaubourg, Paris.