Seed as an artwork of nature.
Seed as a source of energy.
Seed as potential for life.
Seed as a starting point in growth.
Seed as an idea.

I believe every work of art starts with a seed of an idea. This seed represents so many ideas. First of all, the seed from which we grow our food to satisfy our primary needs. I recently heard the phrase “Every culture is a good culture, but the best culture is agriculture” and it has stayed with me since. I agree with it completely because there would be no other cultures if there were no seeds that produce food as our essential need. Or seeds that produce plants that give us oxygen. Or seeds that produce our own kind. All seeds carry potential for life. Life gives us opportunity for growth. Physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, artistic and all other. Ideas that are seeded in us are all full of potential, we must only plant them in order to give them life, and nurture them so they can grow.
Una Rebić was born in 1986 in Rijeka, Croatia. After having studied in creative field of Industrial Design at University of Architecture in Venice, she stepped onto the path of artistic research and enrolled into Intermedia study course at Academy of Rijeka, Croatia. She’s interested in concepts of life, perception, communication, consciousness, growth and all other she encounters, explores and tries to translate through the use of different media.