This is a hair pin stick.
I wear a hairpin stick every day.
This object is my ornament and my souvenir.
It is part of myself, but yet I never cease to feel its presence.
At times I am unaware if I wrap it around my hair or my hair wraps around it.
This specific item is created by my own hands as a form of a conscious therapeutic ritual.
The blue color symbolizes my rationality, whereas the red stands for my emotional vulnerability.
The contrast of these two entities shapes my character into the person I act to be.
It simultaneously produces my warm joyfulness and my icy depression.
Connects my morning and my evening, day and night.
Reminds me of my life and previous death.
Detaches me from all existence...
My hair pin is my ritual.
It is my scatterbrain.
Sandra Jovanovska is an artist from Skopje, Macedonia, working in the domain of arts and culture. Although her formal education started in linguistics, she continued building her carrier in art. She actively participates in two associations, the first of which promotes creative documentary cinema (Makedox) and the second, which promotes art and culture (Compressor). On the other hand she incorporates her activism by making stop-motion animations, which are entirely individual. Hence, implying that she is engaged in the range of: modeling, setting, camera, editing, sound, production and directing. Ultimately, she is a part of duo designer’s team for jewelry-making, by recycling parts of electronic waste. Her jewelry brand “Mei Ro” is now exhibited in concept stores in Ljubljana, Belgrade and Skopje. Currently she is studying at the School of Arts of University of Nova Gorica.