A piece of baggage, a smartphone. The tools of the modern traveler. For children, throw in a plush toy. Travel light and be happy. This is the advice given by experienced travelers to their somewhat less experienced followers on the web. Traveler, tourist, migrant, refugee? It probably applies everywhere. I don’t know if travelling light can bring you happiness, but a surprising number of hits seems to confirm this theory. Traveling light is also advised by human smugglers. A piece of baggage, a smartphone. For children, throw in a plush toy. Is that so hard to understand?
Rene Rusjan is a visual artist with origins in sculpture. She is especially interested in the question of what is the role of art in our lives and in the life of our contemporary society. Her work is context-specific and interdisciplinary. Besides her own art work, she has initiated, curated or mentored several art projects in public spaces and participated in collaborative projects in the cross-fields of arts, education and social or environmental contexts.
Free-lance artist from 1988 to 2009; co-founder and program head of Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts (1994-2009); since 2009, program director at the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts and professor of contemporary art practices;
She lives and works in Ljubljana and Nova Gorica, Slovenia.