The lamp is one of the most unrecognised autonomous objects. Its role and play of functionality has reduced its importance to the point where we no longer notice it.
Not only has the lamp been the contributing artist in most of the best art humankind has ever witnessed, but it has been a work of art itself as well as it lit them up.
It is like the mirror of the camera or even the eyes and mind and even fingers behind it and another reminder of Human behaviour and tendency of taking things for granted.
People generally see what they come to see and everything else plays the part of the background or the backdrop in their ever functioning grand minds, and one of them is the autonomous CO-ARTIST.
Rakso (otherwise Rajat) is a visual artist from New Delhi. He is a freelance Illustrator and a photographer and has been actively involved in Independent Cinema in the city and has loved every tiny little contribution made towards it. He has also worked as a space designer for events and cafes in Delhi. He is currently a student of Film in Media Arts and Practices at the School of Arts of University of Nova Gorica.