The escalator and its up&down movement are vital for another project of mine called “Hacking Meditation”: a filmed intervention in different public spaces, where I was going up and down, sitting on the escalators, in a meditation posture.
Is meditation a special spiritual practice or a usual one in everyday life?
Could meditation be a method of hacking the public space?
Is the stillness a way to hack the daily routine?
Mind Hack. Life Hack. Hacking the Universe.
Now, a dead piece of an escalator is placed in a gallery space.
It leads literally to the impossibility to hack meditation.
The question is: do we really hack something or we just hack our own concepts of things & actions?
Mihaela Kavdanska is an intermedia artist, creative director & researcher. Bulgarian born, lives & works in Romania and Austria. Since late ’90, she's been working on personal and collaborative projects, exhibited and performed in galleries, museums, dance centers & theaters around Europe, USA & Asia. Mihaela Kavdanska creates live experience and process based art works, where the constant exchange of perspectives & contexts plays an important role. Lately, she’s been concerned with the creative balance between art and technology, focusing on immersive AV installations and interactive dance performances, where the intermedia oneness plays main role.
Short selection of venues & events: National Museum for Contemporary Art, Bucharest; Essl Sammlung Museum, Vienna; National Museum of Foreign Art, Sofia; Cleveland Public Theater & Playhouse Square; Ars Electronica Festival; DAfest; Videomedeja; Simultan Festival; CAMP Festival; Post Screen Festival; Kinetica Art Fair, VIENNAFAIR, eXplore Dance Festival, Crossing Europe Festival.

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