The text of Mouchette is from the website www.mouchette.org, a strange and curious world created by Mouchette, a "nearly 13 year old girl" AKA Dutch Artist Martine Neddam (www.neddam.org). Vocal parts marked Spoken need not necessarily observe the exact written rhythms (go for a natural spoken rhythm). "Buzzing fly" sections are ad lib moments where players can make their best buzzing fly imitations on their instrument; fast, rhythmically irregular chromatic passages on wind instruments and fast tremolos while sliding up and down a string on string instruments would be a place to start. These parts should be heard as a soft, slightly annoying background texture. Percussion for part II plays Glockenspiel and Triangle simultaneously. Instrumentation: Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Percussion (Wood Block, Whip, Triangle and Glockenspiel).
Martine Neddam is a visual artist who has been working with internet virtual characters who lead an autonomous artistic existence in which the real author remains invisible. She has been exploring anonymously the concept of online identity through virtual characters such as Mouchette, David Still, XiaoQian, and the shared interface virtualperson.net. With MyDekstopLife she continues investigating identity in a browser by developing an original visual style and an inner voice.