“The chosen works deal with Marko’s research into the physics of sound as they relate to hybrid, technological, electromagnetic and chemical systems. His work opposes the mystification of technology, while at the same time opening up new ways of thinking about the phenomenon. With experimental systems, he expands the field of human sensory perception and the phenomenology of unstable audio-visual relationships in space and time.”
Andreja Hribernik
Marko Batista is an intermedia artist living in Ljubljana, an experimenter in sound, digital video and a performer of computer-generated matrices. He received his BA in painting from the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and obtained a master’s degree at the London University of the Arts. After his intermedia performance premiere at the Kapelica Gallery, curator Jurij Krpan invited him to exhibit his Slovenian experimental scenes at the ARS ELECTRONICA 2008 festival in Linz, Austria. One month later, his exhibit opened the VIENNABIENNALE 2008 and at the invitation of Brane Zorman, he is involved on the RADIOCONA project in Ljubljana. After the Ars Electronica festival, he began working with Aksioma Institute. The collaboration resulted in several projects shown in the renowned KUSTHAUS GRAZ Bix Facade, and production of intermedia performances. He is involved in all major intermedia festivals and galleries: Arzenal Depo 2k, Moderna Gallery, Transmediale 2010-Berlin, Netaudio-London, Izolenta festival 07 in St. Petersburg; 10th Istanbul Bienale, Turkey; in 2014 his collaboration with AKSIOMA and the Koroška Gallery of Visual Arts results in a grand exhibition of Marko’s works under the title TEMPORARY OBJECTS AND HYBRID SPACES in Slovenj Gradec and other venues.