The main idea of the project is to make pleasure and not art. I primarily focus on the spectator's feelings and needs. I imagine the visitors watch many artworks at the exhibition and they get totally tired and just need a bit rest - and for that they can enjoy a massage in the massage chair. As a user of my object you can feel good in the name of art. The project works with a vibration producing a pleasant feeling. I have used the vibration as the main concept of the artwork already in two previous projects – “Future Kiss” and “The Will”. In this project the vibration provides a real massage in the massage chair. Visitors can have a rest and enjoy the mental as well as a physical pleasure of the provided massage. In this case my art object works as a medium which prepares the visitor for a new artistic experience.
Mgr.art. Lenka Klimešová, MA (1986) is a multimedia and multidisciplinary artist working with the issue of perceiving a body through gender as a playful tangible disguise based on space identities and role models deconstructed in the intercultural hybrid performances. She creates mainly in time-based media – video, performance and interactive installation. In 2014 she received a MA with honors in Interface Cultures at Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria. She is currently enrolled in PhD studies at the Faculty of Art Science and Philosophy, KU Linz. Since 2008 she participated in more than 90 exhibitions, festivals, workshops and conferences. Her work Future Kiss was awarded the Prix Ars Electronica 2009 Honorary Mention in the Interactive Arts category and 2012 ARTE Creative TV Streberprämie.