The end of paper as the main medium of written communication was sealed on the day on which my mother, who reads countless books but has never used a computer, has switched to Kindle. Books were the last bastion of the paper world. For what does modern man still use paper beside to wipe the ass? Even as a packaging material, it has mainly been replaced by plastics, only cardboard is still being used for Amazon shipments. The ready-made 'Industrial Paper' recalls the special aesthetics and natural warmth of paper and uses the industrial product to display the last stage of the medium.
Kim Asendorf is a conceptual artist working with digital media incorporating Internet culture and technology. His work ranges from online projects and performances to visual art and installations. He is widely know for the invention of Pixel Sorting, an image altering algorithm he made Open Source, the creation of file formats as work of art or The First Animated GIF Send Into Deep Space. Kim's works has been shown at festivals and institutions like Transmediale, ZKM Karlsruhe, Edith-Russ-Haus für Medienkunst, NCCA Yekaterinburg, Eyebeam, NIMK, LEAP or the Overlapping Biennial Bucharest and at galleries and fairs like Unpainted (Munich), Moving Image Contemporary Art Fair (London), Creation Gallery G8 (Tokyo), Carroll / Fletcher (London), KM Temporaer (Berlin), XPO Gallery (Paris) or The Photographers' Gallery (London) and got honorary mentions and created controversial discussions on major blogs, media and art magazines or television. He currently lives and works in Berlin and is represented by DAM Gallery.