Through my obsession of staying out in the world, I am collecting kilometers and landscapes, meals with friends and strangers, I am gathering sunsets viewed from cabin windows and all different kinds of encounters.
And when I need to come back, I want to come with my hands full of gifts for the ones who stayed at home, for those who couldn't spend their time on the roads. But often I came back with empty pockets, because no object could describe the complexity of the world that I was exploring.
And still, with each journey and with each object that I find, I try again to squeeze all my impressions into a souvenir, but it seldom works out.
Helene Thümmel studied architecture in Graz and works at theatre productions since 2010 with stage design and costume. As an artist she ranges between analog and digital media: she works with photography, film, draws, paints, does collages, etc. She deals with the terms time, distances and spaces within social, political and artistic fields. Since 2015 she is studying at the School of Arts of University of Nova Gorica.