The Seed is a common project and a mutual goal. This is art by all of us. Not just a personal contemplation/creation but a group experience/action. This work is participation, human and human, human and technology, it's all happening. Our good will and efforts with the help of the machine, we can keep it going. This work is sacrifice. This work is sharing and caring. This is life in all of us. This is life from all of us. Let’s make it. Let’s enjoy it.
Domenico Barra is an Italian (dirty) New Media Artist working with digital media with a major focus on internet culture. The perpetuating creative dialectic results in a constant research for innovative/experimental artistic results in matters of subjects and the ways that they can be depicted && narrated/recorded/remixed. Dom’s works have been exhibited worldwide at festivals, institutions, galleries like RE/Mixed Media Festival, New York Media Center, DAM Gallery. His works are featured on various magazines, website and blogs such as Interartive, Animal New York, Nerve, The Creators Project, Monopol Magazin.
Dom lives and works in Napoli (Italy) and on the Internet.