It’s my first interface of the day and I don't even ask where it comes from, I just use it.
Sometimes I imagine that my glasses could be Allende’s or Walsh’s, but my glasses are a “mimesis”. Every object is in itself an ideology. It’s an illusion to think that all cores can be hacked.
Yes! It is the return of Modernity. We are outsiders, objects, we are our own media. Tag Me! I can’t escape from the fascination. We have been seduced by them and every seduction is Political.
Ciro Múseres (1981, Buenos Aires, Argentina) studied Visual Arts at the University National of Arts, UNA. Bs As, Argentina. Working between the fields of art, design and technology his works includes different media, internet art projects, object, video and installation. In 2006 he received a scholarship from the Cultural Center of Spain, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (CCEBA). In 2007 he was supported by Telefonica Foundation to participate in the Interactive Art Workshop III. In 2007 he obtained the third award MacStation Digital Paradigm award in interactivity, Argentina. His work have been presented internationally in exhibitions, conferences, and publications related to contemporary art, design and technology. He works and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.