About this work: uugghhhh - how do I explain what this is all about without sounding like an idiot? The truth of the matter as to how this work came about is a long and complicated series of meaningfully-meaningless, emotional events that caused me to put the face of Igor Štromajer on the bottle of Bang Soda in the enormous 185x150cm painting I did a couple of years ago for a themed exhibition. One of the reasons I did this, and there are four-thousand-nine-hundred-and-twenty-five reasons, (I’ll never fit them all into a short ‘artists’ statement), but one of the reasons is because the curator of the Pixxelpoint festival’s handsome face kept appearing on all sorts billboards and T-shirts and bottles of beer with gorgeous women in Facebook land. He was famous for it. So I made it my duty to extend his popularity into the 2nd dimension, for real. I sold the painting, got a good price for it too, so now that same pseudo-curator is on the wall in someone’s house, immortalised and commodified. I don’t want to embarrass him, however, so instead of plastering an enormous face on an enormous poster of the famous curator for all to see, he is there on the bottle on the label on the bottle, barely seen but you know he’s there just as I tell you ‘he’s there.’
I think I’m an artist therefore I must be. The only reason I call myself an artist is because people told me I should. I use to call myself a ‘painter’, but I do bit more than just paint these days, I also combine my painting and graphic skills for the purpose of commodifying stuff.
I may, or may not be, an artist and it may, or may not, matter depending on what you think art is, or isn’t.
The End.