Two conjoined, motorized, movable pieces create an autonomous construct whose mechanical design proposes ways of locomotion and thereby the identity and even its name. The object is part of a series of high-tension structures and is an upgrade of a similar project from 2014, popularly named The Snake. All these high-tension structures create movement based on the principle of torque generated by twisted bands, where the twisting of the bands combines into various movements of the construct as a whole. These things have names, when useful and used. The things keep their name when they are recognizable by their former function – even if they are later put in a different context. Such as, for example, a gallery. The drainpipe is still a drainpipe, the toilet bowl is still a toilet bowl. Of course, they still create interesting interpretations when this turns out to be absurd, paradoxical, unusual, or otherwise surprising. As usual, the sense of wonder provides the motive for reflection, otherwise there can be no reflection.
Borut Savski, born in Ljubljana in 1960, is an intermedia artist who places great emphasis on sound – the combination of technical solutions for unorthodox instruments and autonomous audiovisual structures/sculptures. The sound experiments in the Radio Študent studio in Ljubljana since 1994. In 1999, he presented the first cybernetic sound installation “Sound Biotope” in the Kapelica gallery in Ljubljana. His essay “Sound” as a metaphor which encompasses the author’s core preoccupations. Later, he continued developing independent concepts and instruments and collaborations with other artists. In the period from 2006 to 2010, the worked on writing the music for three dance performances by Mateja Bučar. In 2006, he co-organized the Intermediate Spaces festival with KUD Trivia. In 2007 he co-founded the intermedia initative Circulation 2. Collaboration on the project Etnobanda. After 2010, he collaborated with Bogdana Herman on the project of Newly-Composed Slovenian Folk Songs. A series of interactive autonomous structures/sculptures High-Tension Structures. Currently focusing on haptic interfaces and interactive mechanisms.