There is connection, wavelength and attraction. There is colour, light and form. And then there are relations, bonds and ties. The yellow camera is all of those things. Its story talks of a springtime afternoon in the year of its production, a certain geopolitical moment that brought wind of bright, brash and bold times, a mythical doorway to all of the future’s tomorrows. A turning point. The gift that came accompanied by the heaviness of unspoken promise became a way to record the objects that inhabit the world of people. The stones, the trees, the clouds. The camera’s reconstructed existence in the exhibition symbolically but fruitlessly reiterates a wavelength it cannot reproduce. It merely reawakens a memory and a biographic detail of the artist as background information. Perhaps the Yellow Camera, just like the Yellow Submarine and the Yellow Brick Road, is a vehicle to travel in space and time – through the vast planes of memory and the imagination, to the depths of the hidden self and beyond, to the dark lands of the unknown, surpassing the constructs and definitions that wish to bind.
Arven Šakti Kralj Szomi (1974) studied at Leeds College of Art and Design and completed her BA in Fine Art, Studio Practice and Contemporary Critical Theory at Goldsmiths’ College University of London, followed by an MA in Video and Photography at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Her work is concerned with the language of the image, which she largely investigates through photographic processes, inserting into her work a seemingly innate and intimate narrative, and a multiplicity of tales that can be read on many levels. Many of Kralj’s works examine objects and the stories that they attempt to recount, modes of representation and display, and the verisimilitude of photographs. Recent projects have included a large-scale overview of object-based photographic works in Slovenia, and a series focused on children exploring the interrelation of the intimate and the public. She is an accredited artist by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and regularly exhibits at home and abroad.