In 2002, artist Douglas Irving Repetto created the work “How to Annoy a Plant”. He created an interface that intermittently lit a light from the left or the right side, depending on how the plant’s movements. Eager to move towards the light, the plant kept repositioning in an effort not unlike the labor of Sisyphus, repeatedly robbed of its goal. “Para-curator Annoyance Protocol” is a para-iteration of Repetto’s work and an homage to plant subjectivity, caught in a landscape of its own tendencies, the author’s interest and the careful intervention of the para-curator. This highlights one of the less visible components of art, which includes living systems: constant, generally misunderstood negotiations between human intent and non-human protagonists. The work invites the festival’s creator, para-curator Igor Štromajer, to take on the role as the digital interface of Repetto’s work. During the exhibition, the pea plant and the para-curator are manifested in the frustrating situation where they are forced to play as subjects.
Dr. Špela Petrič, BSc. Biol., MA Arts, employs natural science, new media and performance in her artistic expression. She is curious about different aspects of anthropocentrism; reconstruction and appropriation of scientific methodology in the context of society; living systems and artistic life; and terra-biology (ontologic approach to evolution and terraforming life on Earth). She expands her work with art/science educational programs and workshops aiming to inform and sensitize the interested public, young people in particular. www.spelapetric.org
Projects: Skotopoeza (performance, 2015), PSX Consultancy (installation, 2014), Naval Gazing (habiton, 2014), Voyager/140 AU (installation, co-author Miha Turšič), Solar Displacement (Installation, 2013), Humalga: Towards the Human Spore (research/artistic project, co-author Robertina Šebjanič, 2012/13), Circadian Drift (installation, soavtorica Maja Smrekar, 2012), CTCAG recognition (performance, 2011), Cladocera (installation, 2010).