An audiosensitive cube is a circuit that captures audio signals through transistors and transforms them into visual signals. LED diodes flash to the sound structures or impulses, which are then combined through the audio output. The flashing of the lights, similar to how the general social mechanisms work, is a perceptible output co-dependent on predefined patterns. During the festival opening, the authors will upgrade the analog electronic circuit with an Arduino micro-controller.
ČIPke is a community of women who socialize at ČIPke workshops and work with electronic circuits, open-source programming and other nerdy experiments. We love to see new girls join us in the fun. ČIPke is an initiative that explores the women’s situation in a scientific and technical context and intermedia art, opens up a discourse on the conditions for women’s involvement in this field, and organizes a practical training program that includes different open-source programming workshops, graphic design, video editing, electronics and robotics. In addition to multi-day workshops led by established local and international mentors, all female participants of ČIPke have full access to the Rampa Laboratory on Kersnikova 4, Ljubljana, Mondays at 5pm. ČIPke meetings are a space for ČIPke chats (every first Monday of the month) and mentor consultation from curators Ida Hiršenfelder and Saša Spačal, who offer advice in the development of independent projects; short one-day workshops “Od ČIPke do ČIPke” (ČIPka to ČIPka), where one ČIPka passes her knowledge onto other ČIPkas; and the ČIPke open laboratory intended for mutual learning and upgrading knowledge which the participants gained on their own or at other workshops.

Sara Šabjan is a Philosophy and Sociology student at the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts. She is interested in electronics, her interests include electronics, computer science, open-source programming, music and more. She works regularly with the music editors at the Radio Študent radio station, where she presents reviews of musical events and helps in the preparation of the musical line-up. In addition to other engagements, she organized DIY workshops at the Tresk Independent Publishing Festival in RogLab.

Monika Pocrnjić (1987) is an artist and hacker currently living and working in Maribor. She loves to pull apart objects and then puts them back together, changing their functionality and creating small artistic pieces. These works of art are often made from analog or digital devices, mobile phones, computer components, plants etc. In the course of her studies she began working with organizations such as Kibla, Hacketeria.org, Son:da (projects GT22, Soft Control and festivals Kiblix, Mfru, ArsElectronica, MediaScape). She is currently developing and building multiple laboratories in the headquarters of the GT22 creative collective (Glavni trg 22) in Maribor. In her free time, she likes to hack and disseminate her knowledge in electronics, sharing her artistic practices with the wider public.

Production: Rampa Laboratory