Vlado G. Repnik


Germany, 2014

On Monday, 6 October 2014, sometime after 1pm, 64 days after receiving an invitation from the curator, Gotvan Repnik stepped into Berlin's EICIE Digitaler Stoffdruck shop on Duncker Street. Half an hour later, he left the shop as the new owner of a painting (70 cm x 100 cm) and by exhibiting the work at the Pixxelpoint festival he became the author of a project that transcends the illusionary notions of authorship, originality or uniqueness of art and personality.

Immerse a powered-on lap-top computer into white acrylic paint. As the display flickers and dies, you are overcome by a moment of sadness. As the fresh, beautiful, brilliantly white body of the machine is slowly sinking to death, nail it to the wall with a 30-cm nail to let it slowly mummify together with you. Ne me quite pas. This was the life and work of a laptop computer. The rest is up to interpretation.

Mon Cheri – let this image be digital once again! The person who thinks the thoughts of Natalia Goncharova is, in fact, Natalia Goncharova – and he who gazes upon the Portrait of a Young Girl is Petrus Christus.


Vlado G. Repnik

Vlado G. Repnik is an academic painter, a stage and radio director and a master of arts. He works in the realm of performance arts, new media, theater and visual arts. He was one of the founders of supramodernism in the nineteen-eighties and is currently working as a polymedia artist exploring the penetration of the real, manifestations, visual lectures and other paradoxical linkages. His work is regularly features at international festivals and exhibitions, both in Slovenia and abroad. www.babalan.org.