1. Killlist Target 9 (Andrew Morris Singer), 2014
2. Killlist Target 56 (Yolanda Kakabadse), 2014



EU and non-EU countries, 2014

There are a few thousand key people and families controlling and manipulating large parts of all our lives. These people are accumulating wealth in unbelievable quantities. This has to stop now. Targeted killing is the premeditated killing of an individual by a state organization or institution outside a judicial procedure or a battlefield. It is a visual process based on a list. Images and biographies have to be studied, research has to be carried out, intelligence has to be gathered and decisions have to be made. The 'Killlist' is specifically designed to liquidate people responsible for crimes against humanity, for the mass destruction of human life, for hunger, poverty, pain and humiliation. By selective assassination, trouble-makers are strategically taken out. A trial-and-error method optimizes the effectiveness of the list. We need to act responsibly. We need to take things into our own hands. 'Auslöschung' of a few prevents 'Auslöschung' of the many. We feel the danger in every cell of our body. It turns out, we are really good at creating kill lists. Fear works. Desk criminals are cowardly. They change their behavior if the people around them are dropping like flies. This prevents us from expanding the list infinitely until we become part of the list ourselves. So we refine the list, we don't expand. Keep in mind: This is real. This is illegal. This is risk. This is not freedom of speech or freedom of art. There is no way out. Memories shall be erased. Humans have to get rid of their 'Herkunftskomplex' and accept that it is time to act. Stop. Go!



UBERMORGEN.COM is a Swiss–Austrian–American artist duo founded in 1995 and consists of lizvlx and Hans Bernhard. They live and work in Vienna and S-chanf near St.Moritz in Switzerland. Their main body of work consists of net.art, installation, video art, photography, software art and performance and intensly uses the convergence of digital media. Their early works were media hacking projects using low-tech tools to reach very large audiences like one of their best known projects, Voteauction(2000). In 2001, they started a collaboration with Christoph Schlingensief for the development and staging of a Hamlet project in Zurich: NAZI~LINE, a bigger than life fake neo-Nazi helpline. In 2005 they started the EKMRZ Trilogy, a series of conceptual hacks (GWEI – Google Will Eat Itself, Amazon Noir and The Sound of eBay. Between 2007–2011 their focus went into research-based productions (Superenhanced, WOPPOW, KRAFT Series) and Rock Art productions such as TORTURE CLASSICS and CLICKISTAN.