ˆTaja Košir Popovič, Gašper Mali, Miha Oven, Marco Pelos Spaniol, Žan Anthony Setnikar, Anne Elisabeth Tassel (and guests)

Exchange (Ideas, Thoughts, Vibes ...)

Discussions and informal exchange of ideas, thoughts, vibes
- multi-day video research, symposium
Slovenia, Italy, 2014

As first-year students we were challenged to initiate discussions about art (non-art?) today, with students, art students, people from the street, our professors, parents, friends and strangers. We accepted the challenge and are now doing research. We find round-table discussions to be too formalistic, we want to engage in an exchange of ideas, thoughts and vibes, which we intend to do in an informal setting in the context of the festival.

About the authors:

As first-year students of the study program of Digital Art and Practice at the School of Arts at the University of Nova Gorica, we decided to form a small group of individuals from all walks of life, and we are also the youngest members of the School of Arts. The symposium is open to outsiders, who may become co-authors in the process of the research.