Pila Rusjan and Dejan Štefančič

Reflection of the Unconscious

Interactive Video Installation
Finland, 2014

This work was made as a practice of Arduino programming. Together with the co-author we wanted to make various patterens by moving water. Later this work became a part of my exploration of various forms of video as images in time. My goal was to produce an endless and everchanging video as a standalone object. The object became a sink with reflections of water on the ceiling. It has an ultrasonic sensor which through an integrated microcontroller triggers a servo motor to react on the user's distance so that the pattern on the wall is never the same.


Pila Rusjan

Pila Rusjan (1984) is a videast working in fine arts, performance art, audio-video and intermedia art. She has presented her work in Slovenia and internationally, her artistic residencies include Brazil, Taiwan and Kyrgyzstan, and has been nominated for the ESSL and OHO awards. She is the head of the research unit FamulVideoLab (KD Gallery GT). The majority of her work is creating stage videos in theaters. She has worked as a freelance artist since 2010. She is currently finishing her MA studies in contemporary art practices at the course of Media Art and Practices at the School of Arts at the University of Nova Gorica.


Dejan Štefančič

Dejan Štefančič (1972) has been working in film and TV for over a decade as a grip (camera composition), scenographer, lighting technician and camera assistant. Since 2012 he has worked in visual arts together with Pila Rusjan, as a camera man, lighting technician and technical assistant. This work marks his debut as a coauthor.