Lucille Calmel's collection (please allow yourself to identify)

based on an almost true story.

April, 2013

Once, an osteopath in Brussels told me a kind of receipe for happiness: to play sports, to be touched, not to eat sugar, the day light, to be in contact with water, and to get a hobby (meaning to be creative without working). I thought then about some of my collections (that often end on stage) but this one is still quite finished and did not live with me performing with.


Lucille Calmel

Lucille Calmel (born in 1969 in France) is a performer, stage director, writer, and digital artist. She lived in Montpellier (France) and since 2005 in Brussels (Belgium). She practices performance art since 1990 in Europe and in the United States. Living-writing researcher from theater stage to the new one of the Internet, she explores the performative dimensions between voice, sounds, corporalities and textualities.
Lucille Calmel is also teaching Performance Art at the Arts School of Avignon and at the Visual Arts School La Cambre in Brussels.