Kitty Taylor and Fakington Wilde


Video & Soundscape
Australia, 2014

Video: Kitty Taylor
Sound: Fakington Wilde & Kitty Taylor

Drive is NOT ART.
Drive is the reality of being a professional Artist in regional Tasmania.
Drive is what I do in between ART.
Drive is where I spend hours alone thinking.
Drive is where I plan.
Drive is my only private space.
Drive is one week of my life.
Drive is not what people think my life is.
Drive is not glamourous.
Drive is what I do.
Drive is NOT ART.
Filmed and produced on iPhone 5 iOS8. Drive follows one week travelling to and from ART engagements required of me by the Arts Organization I work for. Being an Artist seems glamourous if you only see what I choose to share on social media but the reality is long hours and hard work. These are the lost hours in between when the art happens. IT IS NOT ART.


Kitty Taylor

Kitty Taylor works and lives on the island of Tasmania, Australia's southern state.
Most well known for her digital photography and new media outdoor projections in festival environments. Her works are inspired by our growing dependency on social media, 1990's internet interface and Big data collection.
Although her works have a positively digital edge, Kitty uses a variety of analogue techniques coupled with additional processing on iOS. Kitty has never used Photoshop.
Kitty's work has been exhibited around the world but in Tasmania she is represented by Gallery Pejean in her home city of Launceston.
Kitty has had her work translated into large scale public art, bought for film and television and numerous community based projects.