Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman

rAdio Greetings

30 seconds
Slovenia, 2014

Dear curator, dear artists, dear gallery, dear visitors!
The answer to the question "What is/isn't art?" which was asked by the curator of this exhibition, is (not) so simple. And creating a new (non-)work is/isn't such an easy task. And how much (non-)work should one put into this (non-)work?
So we would like to offer our sincere congratulations with this radio greeting.

Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman (radioCona)

During the festival, the authors commissioned a radio musical greeting which visitors can hear on the radio located in the gallery hall.

Radio Robin, 99.5 and 100 MHz

- Sunday, 7 December 2014: between 12pm/noon and 2pm

Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman

Irena Pivka is a Ljubljana-based artist, architect, scenographer and producer. She works in performance and new media arts as well as in art education.
Brane Zorman is a Ljubljana-based artist, composer, sound-manipulator, intermedia artist and producer. Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman work together as an artist team. They founded the CONA institute for processing contemporary arts. In 2008, Cona started production of a long-term ongoing art project radioCona / Temporary Project Radio For Contemporary Arts, which employs the space of a public radio frequency.