Intimidad Romero

Bye Bye Liz

Intimidad Romero's Facebook Profile (documentary)
Colombia-Spain, 2010-2014

This two-piece installation establishes a dialectic relationship between the age of mechanical reproduction and the age of digital reproduction of the image.
In this way, Bye Bye Liz is the result of an act of appropriation of one of the most emblematic artworks of the first age. Through manipulation, it highlights that during the age of digital reproduction a process of dissolution and displacement takes place in the construction of the image of celebrities and stars. As the piece Intimidad Romero's Facebook Profile shows, this process reaches its highest point with the spectacularization of everyday life as a direct consequence of the effect produced by digital media and web 2.0 in the circulation of social images.

Intimidad Romero

Intimidad Romero (Facebook, 2010)

A faceless celebrity known for using her intimate photos as the main source for social interaction in the web 2.0. Through her cyber performances, Intimidad understands the media not as a mere container but as an essential part in the self-design of identity in contemporary societies.
Her work has caught the attention of several mass media, such as El Mundo, el País (Spain), Neural Magazine (Italy), (USA) o Fast Company (USA), among others.

"Somehow, Intimidad is a metaphor and a metonymy of the limits of intervention and identity self-management in social networks… of our lives on the screen. Where we can abandon ourselves (or, on the contrary, take sides) in the ideation and collective construction of our imaginaries and subjectivities. Because what Intimidad does is to take sides in this construction, making visible the absence and what is at stake, the intimacy that -at the very last moment- resists to be shared; in disabled, faceless, blurred, 'emotionless' except for the context photos, as an aura without object, 'without' main-character." Remedios Zafra en: Intimidad R y un Cuarto Propio Conectado, 2012.