Lavoslava Benčić
Co-authors: Mary Galvin, John O'Sullivan, Cork Institute of Technology, Cork (Ireland)

Digital Story Creator

Gamification, Storytelling
Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland, 2014

Digital Story Creator − a gamified experience has to transform visitors into active participants. Its elements support entertainment/discovery/creative visit genre of the Media Art Festival Pixxelpoint. Users spontaneously explore their creative skills. The gamified experience uses the power of storytelling to engage players. Their ideas may become the inspiration for future projects.
Digital Story Creator interface encourages creative skills by different types of players and allows to create stories, strongly related to visual project content (photos). Photos are provided by open call one month prior the public storytelling activities at Media Art Festival Pixxelpoint. Photographic sources are ordered in four categories (Hero 1, Hero 2, Location, Random). Photos will help participants, as an inspiration, to build a personalised stories. At the beginning of storytelling process, photos in Digital Story Creator interface will be selected randomly. In the midgame stage, the user will write the narrative/plot and in endgame stage users save their stories in the repository. Afterwards, stories will be published on Media Art Festival Pixxelpoint Facebook page.
Gamified experience works in present stage off-line on Android mobile devices.


Lavoslava Benčić

Lavoslava Benčić is a self-employed creator in the field of culture since 1985. She has gained numerous experiences in ideological concepts, designs and implementation of media projects (corporate identities, editorial graphic design, photography, video, multimedia, interactive games, calligraphy and art-databases). Her articles deal with the educational technology, book design and interactive design.
She acquired pedagogical and andragogical knowledge at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana and multimedia skills at the Institute and Academy for Multimedia in Ljubljana. After finished BA Media Project Management studies at Middlesex University in London and post-graduate studies of Graphic Design at the London College UCK. She is currently a gap year student at the post-graduate course of Media Art and Practice at the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, where she is completing her master thesis in new media.
She attended more than twenty international workshops and summer-schools.
Her works have been exhibited and screened in Austria, Belgium, BiH, Croatia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Norway, PR China, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. She received 3 game awards and 6 photography awards.