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           la question est la joie
         « and love is a shortcut »
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not•non art aphorism?
the Internets, 2013-2014

la question est la joie _ « and love is a shortcut »
resulted as a work from 1. an aphorism/sentence i coined more or less more than one year ago: i.e. the first part of entire aphorism; 2. a discussion with renata who answered me with the second part; 3. the kind invitation by @intima to present a work in his "this is non art - this is not art" show here in nova gorica.
as it all happend on twitter, obvious nature of the work is as a twitter page.

i first hadd thought creating some special mix of #twaikus and crastxt, by it then appeared to me, if not "too artistic", surely unsufficiently "non art - not art"-like


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