ˆAphra Tesla Operating System Incorporated / Neven M. Agalma


Slovenia, 2014

...HuxDexAA is an audio performance entity, a topology of the knot – the voice and sound. On the one hand, the voice as an intangible and acousmatic entity one cannot put a finger on, a voice one can not ascribe to neither language nor the body. On the other hand, the sound as a crackle, noise, a gash in the sonic realm, feral and unpredictable and produced from non-organic forms of materiality. /...HuxDexAA/. Sonority, originating from two sources, which im-/expresses its presence through the 'organicity' of the voice and non-organic features of the technical artifact. What is produced as a voice and sound, despite its strong ties to the material medium, 'summons' the object-voice – attached to the materiality that never fully coincides with it. Thus, sonority both brings forth and obscures the object of the voice/sound – it disguises its aphonic nature. It is here, in this dichotomy, that we witness the emergence of the word/silence and voice/non-sound. ...AA

Aphra Tesla

The artist was born in Slovenj Gradec. After graduating as a painter, she presented her work as a multi-media artist in 2009 at the ExPonto festival with her original performance "Bye-Bye Daddy" ("Pa-pa ati"). In 2010 she obtained a master's degree in video and new media studies at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts. In 2011, she premiered her open-source "Project Aphra Tesla Operating System" at the SiNAPSA Neuroscience Conference '11, Central European FENS Featured Meeting.
As an inter-media artist, she has collaborated with other artists/collectives from various fields of art (Dave Darlington, Cameron Bobro, Marko Churntzchetz, Ema Kugler, Richard Heslop, Svetlana Makarovič, Sonda Foundation, Toni Soprano, Joži Šalej, Matjaž Latin, Ivan Peternelj etc.), as well as science (Ljubljana Neuroscience Department) and philosophy (Neven M. Agalma, Bojana Jovićević).

Neven M. Agalma

Philosopher, experimental electronic music producer, audio manipulator, noise researcher and performance artist. His projects include: Dodecahedragraph, Ontervjabbit, Cadlag, Sevenborn and Rasturen (SBAR), Azbuka + trio project Ontervjabbit vs Pharmafabrik, with Simon Šerc from the experimental label Pharmafabrik Recordings based in the Slovenian town of Ajdovščina. Among his other projects, he is the organizer of the Zasavje Noisefest International Festival (ZNFI), the first festival of its kind in the Zasavje region. He also organizes various small concerts/events/performances (Infundibulum Production) which take place in the Trbovlje Union Hall (Delavski dom Trbovlje, Nova galerija - Kurilnica).