Annie Abrahams

Je suis une oeuvre d'art : oui, non, peut être - Am I an artwork? Yes, no, maybe.

France, Commissioned by the FRACLR in 2002

"Je suis une oeuvre d'art : oui, non, peut être - Am I an artwork? Yes, no, maybe." was commissioned by the FRACLR in 2002 and active on their website till 2007. The piece collected visitor reactions and traced them by IP to influence the colors of the page layout. This was a way to point to the fact that the visitor wasn't anonymous, something a lot of people weren't aware of in 2002. More importantly, the piece questioned the relation between netart and the art world on the website of an official art institution.

  • Two poster with a collection of phrases from "Je suis une oeuvre d'art : oui, non, peut être" published in 2006 during a performance/lecture/battle of the same phrases in the exhibition "Chauffe Marcel!" organized by FRAC Languedoc Roussillon in La Panacée, Montpellier.
  • Website archive of "Am I an artwork? Yes, no, maybe." as it exists since 2007 on the website of the FRACLR. (


Annie Abrahams

Annie Abrahams ( has a doctoral degree (M2) in biology from the University of Utrecht and a MA2 from the Academy of Fine Arts of Arnhem. In her work, using video, performance as well as the internet, she questions the possibilities and the limits of communication in general and more specifically investigates its modes under networked conditions. She is known worldwide for her net art and collective writing experiments and is an internationally regarded pioneer of networked performance art.

She has performed and shown work extensively in France, including at Jeu de Paume and the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and in many international galleries such as the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center in Asheville, USA, Espai d'Art Contemporani de Castelló, Spain; the New Musem, New York; the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, Yerevan; Furtherfield gallery in London and NIMk in Amsterdam.