ˆAndrej Tišma

Google walk through Novi Sad

Digital Print
Serbia, 2014

With the help of Google maps I take you on an excursion to see some places in Novi Sad that hold a special place in my heart.


Andrej Tišma

Andrej Tišma is an artist, art critic and curator based in Novi Sad, Serbia. From the early '70s he was concerned with concrete poetry, mail-art, photography, Xerox, and since '80s with performance art and video. He has had solo exhibitions beginning in 1972 in Novi Sad, Belgrade, New York, Milan, Seoul, Munich, Naples, San Francisco, London, Budapest, Tokyo and Bremen. Since 1996 Tišma has been working in the field of digital graphics and web-art, and since 2003 in the field of digital music. He has been publishing art critiques and essays since 1976.