Musical events


Friday, December 3rd 2004

8 p.m.: Opening of the festival in the City Gallery Nova Gorica

Saturday, December 4th 2004, City Gallery Nova Gorica

4 p.m: JUUHA HUUSKONEN / Finland
Not So Lonely Planet - lecture

What is the future of creative communities and locative media? The presentation is an introduction to some current trajectories in technological development, theoretical frameworks and concrete project examples related to Locative media.

5 p.m.: TUOMO TAMMENPÄÄ / Finland & TAMAS SZAKAL / Hungary
Float, a locative sound installation for a ship - presentation

The authors will present the project FLOAT, which was realised in ISEA2004 and will be presented as a simulation at Pixxelpoint. In Float, a ship turns into a play-head and the route at sea into a track. The surrounding islands build the score of the sound installation, the ship playing the track as it moves across the sea. This experiment using various streams of data (GPS coordinates, depth, direction, speed etc.) results in a slowly developing soundscape that invites the travellers to take a dose of the moment, to listen.

6 p.m.: BUREAU D'ETUDES / France - presentation
Bureau d'Etudes concentrates on mapping various issues of world governance, they develop pictographic installations that deal with themes such as networks of data-gathering systems, bio war or global resistance movements. They visualize the distribution of power in its various forms, political, cultural and financial on a global basis and show the interrelations between the different actors involved. Their way of activities will be introduced also at the Pixxelpoint festival.

Sunday, December 5th 2004, City Gallery Nova Gorica

4 p.m.: EWEN CHADRONNET / France
Semaphore - Euro-Nav : Civil Marine Radar - lecture

In the lecture Ewen Chadronnet will talk about building tools and open systems for grassroots organisations that are concerned by migration assistance, maritime ecology and spectrum ecology.

5 p.m: JAANIS GARANCS / Latvia
To browse or be "browsed"? - lecture

The lecture takes the project "Big Brotherhood Browser", which will be presented at the festival, as introduction and explores topics of spaces of "transparent privacy" in the context of technological developments (mobile-, satellite-, computing- and nano-technologies) and the changing society habits.

6 p.m: PALL THAYER / Iceland
Embracing the abstract in locative data - lecture

Locative data, whether it is based on GPS, bluetooth, Wifi or anything else, is abstract. It gives no insight at all into the location it refers to and very few people would actually know where that location is by seeing the data alone. So it's not surprising that artists have taken this data and begun adding other data to it, annotating it, giving it meaning. It's the logical thing to do. But it's not the only thing to do. This lecture will discuss an approach that embraces and utilizes these abstract qualities yet retains much of what makes locative data unique.

Wednesday, December 8th 2004, City Gallery Nova Gorica

6 p.m.: CRISTIANO POIAN: DAMS - presentation
A new centre for the study of the relationships between media and contemporary art that operates in Gorizia (Italy), strongly liked to the territory and the Italian university environment, able to extend the didactic offer of the University of Udine as well as being the centre of the network of centres specialised in the research into New Media Studies at a national and international level. The laboratory works actively in experimentation and research in these sectors, with the aim of providing an important space for a theoretical and critical-analytical debate and discussion of the contemporary artistic object strongly tied to technology.

All lectures will be held in English.

Thursday, December 9th 2004, Mostovna, Nova Gorica

2 p.m.: Opening of the Multimedia Centre Mostovna.

Musical events

Friday, December 3rd 2004, Mostovna Centre

11 p.m.: NEVEN KORDA: Letters from the Present
The multimedia project “Letters from the Present” is a source of sensuality, an analogue performance which is digitally processed and presented to live audiences. The score is created live and is a vital part of the production, which consists of dancers who are closed in an aluminium box with six opera glasses. Three opera glasses are intended for cameras and three for the audience so that they can follow the show. During the performance, which can last from one to three hours, all activities are recorded by the computer, with the computer using these data after the performance for a rerun of the show.

AUDIOWORX / Tomo Božič
Audioworx is an electronic musical project, which is represented by Tomo Božič. In 2003 he won a Studio City's Bumerang award for the most innovative artist. You can hear him on the Elektrotehnika Slavenika compilation (2000), his album Punk Electronica (2001) and Go Elektrik compilation (2002). He's preparing his latest album Enslavement.

Saturday, December 4th 2004, Cyberia-KGŠ, Nova Gorica

10 p.m.: CodeEP
CodeEP is a group of creative individuals, that practice in the field of visual communications, electronic music, architecture and contemporary performance. In the field of electronic music CodeEP unites musicians/producers, DJ-s, VJ-s (video artists) and designers, that co-produce different club events and promote an independent page of »DJ electronics« and contemporary urban expressions on the basis of Breakbeat, HipHop, Elektro, Drum'n'Bass, Funk and similar directions inside the spectrum of contemporary electronics.

Saturday, December 11th at 10 p.m, Mostovna Centre

Radikal Dub Kolektiv is a dub group from Zagreb, Croatia, who combine the (non-) defined dub with punk-rock, classic rootsreggae and ska, sometimes placing it in a trance environment. The collective was formed in May 2002 by five people. Ever since they have been hyperactive in terms of creativity and concerts. Their first album was to be released in 2003. The collective have had a number of very successful solo concerts, which they like to enrich with DJ-ing.

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